A vision to create a vibrant neighborhood for East Winter Garden


The team will work with the community to identify their vision for East Winter Garden, balancing long‐term community values with short‐term physical goals such as transportation networks, building types, community parks, and streetscape.


The Process

The team will work with neighbors and the City to establish a concise vision for the neighborhood.

Working on-site from July 10th to July 14th, 2017, the team refined the vision and continued to gather input for the development of the East Winter Garden Neighborhood Master Plan. During this time, team members integrated the information already gathered with the input gained during the Charrette.  Throughout the planning process, the community and team will create Conceptual Illustrative Plans and develop urban design and transportation strategies to manage future growth.

The Plan Chapters

The chapters to be included in the plan are outlined below.  The content of each chapter will be informed and guided by the input received during the Public Design Charrette.

Guiding Principles

The Community Design chapter will reflect the community’s vision and be based on both Smart Growth and economic development principles. The Illustrative Plan and Small Area Plans created during the charrette will be used as a guide for shaping future development.

Street Design and Connectivity

This chapter of the Plan will provide recommendations for multi‐modal transit options that
create a balance between cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other modes of transportation. The location, placement, and design of public facilities is of great importance in a community. Public facilities can serve to foster community recovery and revitalization, corridor redevelopment, and environmental sustainability. Community facilities also include parks and open spaces.

Housing and Quality of Life

The Housing Chapter will describe affordable, attractive, functional and context‐sensitive housing types to create a more complete neighborhood. Recommendations will be made for developing policies and changing existing regulations that will allow the development of new housing types in a way that respects and enhances existing buildings and provides quality affordable housing for all sectors of the population, especially low and moderate income households. The housing analysis will explore policies on inclusionary zoning and community land trusts and discuss the need to provide quality housing for all residents of East Winter Garden.

Economic Development and Commercial Potential

This chapter will investigate commercial, business, and mixed‐use options for East Winter Garden and will focus on placemaking as a competitive advantage.


The Implementation chapter will discuss recommended land use and zoning changes and “next steps” for implementing the plan. Included with the Neighborhood Plan will be a series of implementation strategies and prioritized implementation projects.